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Kai's Saiyan Forms... by Kai1984

Can I write you a critique Kai ;D ?
Just kidding, I'mk already doing that ^.^

Anyway, here we go...
The pose you choose for all the forms looks good to me (It's old right ?), proportions are good, I don't see any problems there except one, his neck is huge O:, I don't think it's an error but wow, it looks a little strange to me..
Colors well nothing wrong there, they look perfect as usual, you mastered how to put them and in the correct position ;D
Then the different froms..
Nothing wrong to me, they look exactly how they should look if Kai was a canon character in the show, they are all correct and well made, the only thing that maybe it can be wrong is with all the SSj forms for only a reason, a SSJ has a much more brighter color than when is in a normal state, here the colors look exactly like his normal form and that it can be an error and the SSj3 has more brighter colors than a SSj so yeah, I did noticed that but It's not a big problem but maybe for a Dbz nerd it can be an big error ;D
And finnaly the background..
I don't know what to say about that, It look realistic and well made so o, no problem.
Anyway here's my critique, can't wait for more drawings ^.^
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Kai1984 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course you can LOL

The pose used represents his overall power and intimidation.
I do understand what you mean by the "huge neck" but he is looking down at you in a sense which adds to the intimidation factor and it also "puffs him up" more as well. Muscles upon Muscles so to speak.

I do agree with you with the coloring, which I wasn't clear about in my description so please allow me to clarify.
The colors I chose for Kai is his base colors for everything minus the skin.
I kept his hair, clothes and tail the same for the sole purpose of the concept/design. When doing the photos when he is in SSJ I usually have an aura which will lighten everything just a tad to stay true to the series.

But the one thing I don't like in DBZ is all the Saiyans have the same SSJ hair colors and eyes. When I do them I change the coloration around a bit more to make each character a tad more unique. The same goes for my OC. His hair and eyes will not match the same colors offered from the show.
As for the brighter look when not fighting, I really haven't added that to my repertoire. It only focuses on 2 colors [A main and a darker shade], and I use more then 2 in my pieces. Not to say I won't down the road, but most of my pics don't show a "relaxed" SSJ mode.

As for the background, well I altered it to fit the picture but I am horrid at doing backgrounds so I take the easier route for right now LOL

Thanks again for the critique
You were the first one to ever give me one and I appreciate it greatly!
RyoGenji Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You made some really good points ;D

By "huge neck" I mean not by the height but in the other way around, it looks huge in that manner for a character like Kai, that neck would be much more likely for a Broly type character, that was my point ^^

For the hair color I agree, to me you can do whatever you want in that manner Kai, I have no compliants at all ^^

Anyway don't worry about it, I agree with you on the other points ;D
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